Dust Collector Rentals

Industry Leader in Mobile Dust Collector Rental

Micro Dust Extraction Services are always analysing the Industry, and are always looking for ways to assist Customers in a tuff economical market like today. We are proudly South African, and therefore, we are initiating a whole new concept in South Africa, and that is Dust Collector Rentals. Instead of laying out huge amounts of Capex, and spending money that is more needed for Company running cost, Micro Dust is helping Companies to comply with the Environmental Standards, and wellbeing of their Employees & the Product they produce.

Over our longstanding business history, we have emerged in the South African Dust Extraction Industry, a leading force in the Dust Collection Rental Industry.

We have been building a solid reputation, and we are now building on the following Building Pillars:

We are working on innovative and flexible designs with a wide range of options available that can be tailored to suit the needs of each one of our Customers.

Micro Dust has launched our Mobile Dust Collector Rental Option, and is working with our Financial House, to help our Customers, to build their Business.

Have a look at our Product Page to see what we have to offer. Please contact us today, to customize your Mobile Dust Collector Rental.