Purpose of a Filter in a Welding Fume Extractions system

The purpose of a filter in a welding fume extraction system is to capture and remove airborne particulates from the workplace environment. Mechanical filters incorporate a filtering medium made from microscopic fibers (fiberglass, cellulose, or polyester fibers, etc.) woven in sheets and typically pleated in a “V” pattern. The pleating of the material increases the surface area of the filter providing an increased capture surface. This white paper discusses several important factors about filter replacement for a welding fume extraction system.


Overtime, a filter may become saturated with particulate matter. Once this happens, the filter needs to be replaced. Certain indicators will signal the need for a filter change. Some are specific to your fume extraction system itself. Others are related to the welding materials you are using and/or the ambient conditions in the manufacturing environment. Here's what to look for and be aware of:

Solder Fume Extraction
Solder fumes should, if possible, always be extracted at source. The SMOG-EATER range allows polluted air to be cleaned and the air recycled back to the workshop without necessity for external exhaust.Units with either electrostatic filters or mechanical filters are available, optional activated carbon gas filters for odour reduction can be supplied.

A central solder fume extraction/filtration system serving various bench mounted Mini-Ramblers can also be extended to include hoods/canopies over flow solder machines etc.

Dust Collector & Bag House Maintenance & Services SLA

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Dust Collector & Bag House Maintenance Plans

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Having a routine service check in place prolongs the life of your Equipment and will minimise loss in airflow through your Dust Extraction System.

All work done, repairs & readings are placed in an Audit File on Site, and can be used to monitor Dust Extraction Systems, and can also be used for Environmental Audits.

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Having efficient Extraction System minimises the risks in the work place, and help looking after the environment.