Oil Mist Collector

Our Oil Mist Collector is specially designed of Machine Tools & developed for the elimination of mist, smoke and odours typical of wet machining operation I metal cutting applications. With its small compact sizes our Oil Mist Collector integrates perfectly with the machine tools design.

The Oil Mist Collector and Air Cleaner can be installed on any kind of cutting machine that will produce oil mist, exhaust and dust into the air. The Oil Mist Collector is suitable to be installed on CNC cutting machines, due to the toxic oil mist produced while in operation. The toxic oil mist is not only hazardous to our employees, but it is also a potential threat to the environment. This is why every manufacturing company needs our Oil Mist Collector to help keeping the employees & the environment safe.

With the installation of our Oil Mist Collector oil mist can be collected, and be recycled it back to the Machine. This can help lowering the cost of cutting oil and also save cleaning time of Equipment.

Benefits of our Oil Mist Collector:

Oil Mist Collector Applications:

Advance Air-Purified technology is applied to develop the high performance Oil Mist Collector, which is excellent for filtering oil mist, haze, aerosol and smoke. The oil and air separation design follows European standards. The Oil Mist Collector integrates many innovative designs and provides the best possible Oil Mist Filtration and collection effect.

Our Oil Mist Collector features high flow rates, temperature resistance as well as acid/ alkali-resistance. Filtering efficiency is between 99.97%-99.99%.