Micro Dust solving all your Dust problems

Micro Dust offers a wide range of services to our clients. We believe that we can full-fill your company's requirements. Our aim is to provide quick competent and excellent service to our customers, so that we can work together as a team to solve you're Dust problems.

Micro Dust is an Environmental Service Provider for the Industry to help saving our Environment, and by doing that, saving peoples lives. Often we think to work in a clean environment is to have an unfortunate luck or that it is a luxury.. no, a bad, unhealthy, dirty environment is a health and safety risk.

We will look after a healthier work environment

Is it a luxury to work in a dust free environment or is it a health and safety risk? Surely you know the answer. It is important to look after our environment for the health of all.

That's why we as a team of Micro Dust want to provide our costumers with the widest and best service to take care of all this unhealthy areas through the workplaces so that they can take care of their Production, in that way everybody stay in business. 

At Micro Dust we strive to offer our clients the best service and highest standards at all times, and help you to concentrate more on your production and we will look after a healthier work environment for your employees.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Heavy Duty Vacuum Machine Rentals:
Do you need a Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner for your project or general industrial cleaning? Phone us  today for more info and availability on our machines.
Industrial Cleaning:
With the harsh industrial dust loads we do Industrial Vacuum cleaning to all Industries. Our Team make use of Mobile Heavy Duty Machines to get rid of the dust on equipment, structure, basements etc.
Vacuum Machine Maintenance:
We do maintenance/inspections and repairs on Nilfisk & Wap Vacuum Cleaners
Vacuum Machine Sales:
Sales on Vacuum Cleaners

Ducting design & installation:

We do modification, design, manufacturing & installation on all your ducting requirements.

Ducting Cleaning:
Ducting gets blocked over a period of time and efficiency of air flow through system decreases to the point where low/ no flow occurs. We do quick, safe, effective duct cleaning to get flow rates in good working order again.

Automatic Duct Cleaning System:
This is an in-house design whereby ducting being cleaned automatically and high efficient flow rates will be obtained at all time, insuring you of safe environmental conditions always.


Bag House/ Dust Collector Inspections &Analysis:
Specialized Technicians will do assessment on your Plants Dust Collectors/ Bag Houses and take all relevant reading, inspections & fault finding to give you Report on efficiency of you Units.
Bag House Dust Collector Maintenance:
All maintenance can be done on all types of Dust Collectors & Bag Houses, from electrical to mechanical. We do the whole spectrum of maintenance, from intake in plant’s ducting to exhaust of fan.
Fault Fining & Consulting:
We can assist with your dust extraction problems and do trouble shooting & consultation on existing systems to help improving the efficiency.
Filter changes & Supply:
Micro Dust supplies all types of Filters. We also do filter changes on Pressurisation Units, Fresh Air Inlets, Bag Houses, Dust Collectors and many more.

Dust Collectors:


We design Dust Collectors supply to all types of Industries.  From small to big applications.

Mobile Dust Collectors:
With our range of small, compact well prices Mobile Units you can install these Units for any application. We cater for small applications, where you don’t need big oversized, overpriced Units & ducting.
These Units are not fixed and can be moved with machines- small-effective- cost saving!!

Wide range of Industries:
Metal processing Industry, Food Industry, Chemistry Industry, Painting Industry, Car Industry Industry, Laser Industry, Woodworking Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry