Centralized Cyclomatic Dust Collector/ Bag House

Why install a Centralized Cyclomatic Dust Collector/ Bag House ?

The cylindrical design of the filter body allows for a high percentage of natural product / air separation, thus making this type of Cyclomatic Filter Units more efficient than any other filter on the market.


A Duct Collector consisting of a Reverse Filter, it is self-cleaning, a microprocessor continuously monitors the dust load in the Filter and would automatically activate the pneumatic cleaning system in the Filter to clean off dust which clogs the filter bags filtering the dust allowing clean air (no dust) to exit the exhaust into the atmosphere. The microprocessor will increase the cleaning intervals as the dust load increases but it will also decrease accordingly – this saves in compressed air consumption.


Micro Dust markets the most rugged and reliable Dust Collectors & Bag Houses. Buying from Micro Dust guarantees you a custom-designed, quality system. We engineer solutions to your dust problems needs, to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.


Too often the importance of selecting the correct air to media ratio is forgotten by Designers, but at Micro Dust, we understand that the secret of a good Dust Collector is its ability to perform with a variety of dust types. We achieve this through the evaluation of different media types. We pay particular attention to the selection of filtering velocities for inlet dust load conditions. This step ensures the best possible solution for your operations.