Maintenance & Services on Bag Houses & Dust Collectors

Micro Dust recognised that Air Pollution Control in South Africa was poorly serviced, largely by commissions driven sales-companies not understanding the Engineering on Dust Extraction, design of Dust Extraction and required Dust Extraction Services, behind effective basic Dust Control principles. The result was low performing systems with poor and ineffective design. Sadly, still today, there is very bad Service, after service, or no after service in this Dust Extraction Industry.


We offer a complete Maintenance or Service Plans to our Customers. What you need is what you get, and more.

Weekly or monthly inspections on your Units with applicable Reports to monitor the Unit’s efficiency.  We inspect all aspects of the Units such as differential pressures, bearing temperatures, motor temperatures, pulsating, duct air flow, Unit discharging etc.  All readings are captured on applicable Reports for the desired period. 


Hereby our Clients can monitor efficiency of the Bag Houses or Dust Collectors.  With these inspections, preventative maintenance can be done and we assure our Client that the units are efficient.  All repairs, electrical and mechanical can be done on units.


Having efficient extraction system minimises the risks in the workplace, and help looking after the environment.


Maintenance Contracts on Units are also available. (SLA)

Equipment that will be checked:

  • Check motor /fan unit
  • Fault finding if any defects is found
  • Check Housing
  • Check discharge mechanisms
  • Check for 100% operation of Pulsing Valves and PC Card
  • Check supply pressure & Water Traps
  • Check clean chamber for any dust
  • Make sure unit discharges material
  • Take Differential Pressure reading if applicable
  • Take motor and bearing temperatures
  • Take air flow readings at fan outlet, and on specified marked points on ducting
  • Applicable Reports will be compiled for the



Spares & Accessories

Can be supplied by Micro Dust



Service of Unit

Services include the following:

  • All filter bags will be removed and replaced
  • All Filter inserts (cages) will be inspected.
  • All Jet Tubes will be inspected.
  • Water Trap will be inspected.
  • Housing will be inspected and cleaned from inside for any cracks or damages
  • All piping & closing valves will be inspected.
  • Valves & Pulsating System will be checked for any defects.
  • Motor and Fan Unit will be inspected, motor temperatures will be taken.
  • Ducting will be inspected & cleaned/ unblocked. Efficient Air flow will be checked
  • All faulty parts will be replaced, spares must be available before service commence.
  • Repairs will also be done if necessary.
  • Unit will be cleaned if needed.
  • Differential Pressure reading will be taken before & after
  • Take motor and bearing temperatures
  • Take air flow readings at fan outlet, and in specified marked points on ducting before & after


Applicable Reports for all readings taken will be given to Client after each service


 Repairs & Replacements

Repairs and replacements are done on units, electrical and mechanical such as pulse valves, dampers, bearings, pulleys, rotary valves, filters etc.  All new spares can also be supplied by “Micro Dust”.



 Filter & Parts replacements

Where necessary if only filters need to be replaced, it can be done, Micro Dust supply all types of high quality filters.

All Repairs and Parts replacements are done on units, electrical and mechanical such as Pulse Valves, Pulse Controllers, Filter Bags, Manifolds, Filter Bag Inserts, Ducting etc